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Getting Started

Our Process

Each plan is customized to your situation and that of your family. Assessing your needs is the critical foundation for all that we do.

1. Call us at 714-738-3400

Our assessment starts with a short telephone discussion with you.

2. Make an appointment

Based on that conversation, we usually offer a no-charge first office consultation.

3. Gather your documents

​For a quick start, we suggest you gather some information before your first office visit. Try to bring:

  • existing trusts,

  • wills,

  • powers of attorney,

  • health care directives,

  • deeds

  • financial records


Also, be prepared to discuss your personal goals and your family’s particular needs. Your goals are more than numbers. Clients find great comfort in making a plan that includes personal and/or spiritual values and instructions

For the quickest start, bring a completed Estate Planning Worksheet to your first office visit. The worksheet is a way of organizing and presenting the information we need to design your personalized plan. In fact, if you have ANY questions or difficulties in completing the worksheet, we will be glad to assist you by phone.

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