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New clients often want a review of their existing estate plan. Together, we review the entire plan to see if it meets their needs. This often raises questions like: “Why didn’t my existing plan cover my needs?” and “How can I be sure the next plan will protect me and my loved ones?”.


Recently, a new client asked me to review an estate plan prepared by another law firm. But being curious I asked why she didn’t simply ask the attorney who prepared it. Her reply: “I never met an attorney.”

As I listened to her personal story, we pinpointed several special concerns that needed to be addressed in her estate plan. Learning about you and your needs comes through listening and talking. I’ve never found a shortcut.


We don’t just design your plan, we provide tools to ensure it works where and when you need it to work. For example, health care directives do no good in your file cabinet if you are in the emergency room. We ensure that your papers are available to you and your emergency room doctor anywhere you travel, anytime of the day or night.


Even the best plan requires a little monitoring and adjustment from time-to-time. Lives change and laws change. That’s why we invest so much time in learning from you about your goals and needs. From time-to-time we will check in with you. And if warranted, we will suggest an estate plan check-up.

Dan and his wife Jane


Most of us prefer fixed fees – that is, a fee total that won’t change. So we assess your planning needs, describe the work, quote a reasonable fixed fee, and put it all in writing. Occasionally, a case is so complicated or unusual that we cannot quote a fixed fee. If we see that situation, we will tell you up-front and discuss options. Most plans qualify for a fixed fee.

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